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Due to the dominance of heavy industry, the Moravian-Silesian´s long tradition of chemical production is sometimes overlooked. Not many people are aware that the chemical industry ranks alongside metallurgy and mechanical engineering as one of the Region´s leading industries. One of the oldest chemical producer in the Region is Bohumín-based Bochemie, establisher in 1903. 

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Bochemie has been accumulating experience and expertise for over 110 years. During that time, the company has grown to become one of Central Europe’s largest producers of special branded chemical products, disinfectants and cleaning chemicals. Thanks to the company’s long-term focus on research and development, it is a leading chemical producer with a modern portfolio that responds flexibly to changing market demand.

Main products: Feropur metal colouring solution, zinc chloride, colouring solutions for long non-ferrous metal products



BorsodChem MCHZ, s.r.o

BorsodChem MCHZ in Ostrava is one of the BorsodChem group’s two production facilities in Central Europe. The company makes a range of products, including mainly organic but also inorganic chemicals. The products are used in manufacturing polyurethane and rubber products, pharmaceutical production, agriculture, food production, and water treatment equipment.

Main products: high-purity chemical products including aniline, cyclohexilamine (CHA), dicyclohexilamine (DCHA), diethyl oxalate (DEOX) and more.


Global Tungsten & Powders spol. s r.o

The company was established in 2007 as a joint venture by OSRAM Bruntál and OSRAM Munich. Since 2008 it has been owned by the Austrian investment group Plansee. The company’s head office – and its other production facility – is located in Pennsylvania, USA.

Main products: tungsten and tungsten carbide powders, chemical compounds and products



The company produces and supplies laundering, washing, cleaning and disinfectant chemicals for laundries, the food industry, kitchen use and cleaning services. In 2016 the company built a new production facility and warehouse equipped with the latest technologies.

Main products: laundering, washing, cleaning and disinfectant chemicals


Lenzing Biocel Paskov a.s

At its modern biorefinery in Paskov, the company applies environmentally responsible methods to make more than a quarter of the wood pulp produced by the Lenzing group. The pulp is then further processed into fibres; top-quality fibres such as TENCEL require pulp of the highest quality, and Lenzing Biocel Paskov is able to supply this product.

Main products: pulp made from natural materials