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The Moravian-Silesian Region has over 40 companies producing energy and many more involved in processing and distribution.

Reflecting general concerns about air quality, the Region also has a wide range of companies making equipment for clean energy production with minimal environmental impacts. The Region has the Czech Republic’s 5th largest power plant, with a design output of 800 MW plus several facilities producing wind and solar energy. In 2010 the ENET energy research centre was established at the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava; the centre researches and develops technologies for transforming input materials into usable forms of energy and solutions for their efficient use.


ČEZ Energetické služby, s.r.o.

The company supplies a number of different types of energy, and its areas of focus can be grouped into four basic categories: gases and air, heat, water, and energy supply and distribution services. It is always of key importance where in the Czech Republic the customer is located; this determines whether the company owns (or operates) a nearby facility producing the required type of energy or whether it is able to purchase the energy efficiently to provide the optimum service for the customer.

Main products: supply – natural gas, converter gas, compressed air, water for heating systems, drinking water, industrial water; purification of waste water, recirculated water; energy supply and distribution services



This successful energy company offers a comprehensive range of services across the entire spectrum of energy commodities. The company’s main areas of focus are the production, distribution and sale of electricity, hot water, industrial steam, pumped and compressed air, water for industrial use, drinking and non-drinking water, and the distribution and processing of heating gases originating as by-products in the metallurgical industry.

Main products: electricity production and distribution, thermal energy production and distribution, gas distribution and sales


Green Gas DPB, a.s.

The company was established in 1960 to prevent dangerous gas escapes and flooding in underground mines and to extract gases from areas of future mine workings in the Ostrava-Karviná coalfield. In 2000 the company began to expand into markets outside the coalfield. Its laboratory conducts analyses of all substances present in the environment. The company uses specialist drilling equipment and technologies to create boreholes for heat pumps. In 2005 it opened a co-generation unit producing electricity and heat from mine gases. The company is currently a member of the international group Green Gas International B.V.

Main products: gas, power generation, drilling, engineering services and geology, clearance work, heat pumps with boreholes etc.


Veolia Energie ČR, a.s.

Veolia Energie ČR is the Czech Republic’s leading supplier of co-generated heat and electricity. The company is also the first independent operator of a refrigeration network on the Czech market. It produces heat and electricity using 1 970 boilers, 17 steam turbines, 13 co-generating units and 10 steam turbines. The company’s use of co-generation and trigeneration helps to reduce environmental impacts, enabling it to create and operate safe and eco-friendly energy infrastructure and equipment for cities, towns and municipalities. By constantly optimizing the efficiency of its equipment, the company also helps to reduce energy consumption, thus contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions. A constant programme of ecological improvements also helps to reduce emissions of solid pollutants and sulphur/nitrogen oxides.

Main products: supply – heat, refrigeration, electricity, utilities for industrial and energy facilities


Vyncke s.r.o.

Vyncke supplies energy production technologies producing clean energy from biomass, primarily production waste from the food and wood industries. The company’s main strength is its century of history, during which it has developed unrivalled know-how enabling it to design and produce technologically sophisticated customized solutions for clean combustion, which are constantly driven forward by investments in in-house research and development.

Main product: energy production technologies