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Pharmaceuticals and health care

Pharmaceuticals and health care

The pharmaceutical industry in the Moravian-Silesian Region includes companies with over a century of tradition, ensuring a high-quality business environment, an established market and a qualified labour force. The Region’s strong potential in this area has been recognized and harnessed by several global companies, which have made a major contribution to the development of the pharmaceutical industry here. One of these leading companies is Mölnlycke Health Care Klinipro, which provides a range of services and products for the health care sector. The company has two production plants in the Region – in Karviná and Havířov.


Mölnlycke Health Care Klinipro s.r.o.

The Swedish Mölnlycke Health Care (MHC) group is one of the world’s leading producers of single-use surgical devices and products for treating wounds, as well as being a major service provider for the health care sector. In 2002 the company opened its Karviná factory, employing over 700 people. In 2017 it built a new production facility with an investment of 1.8 billion CZK at the former Dukla coal mine site in Havířov. MHC is another example of an investor whose positive experiences in the Moravian-Silesian Region have been a decisive factor in the company’s decision to expand its production capacity here.

Main products: surgical devices, products for treating wounds, etc.


STERIWUND spol. s r.o.

The company’s main focus is on the production of sterile health care products in its own clean production facilities. It also works in partnership with a range of companies, packing their products in a sterile environment.

Main products: gauze dressings, bandages, tampons, sets, first aid kits, etc.


Teva Czech Industries s.r.o.

In 2006, Teva Czech Industries (formerly IVAX and Galena) became part of the multinational Teva group, a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry and the world’s largest producer of generic medicines. The company’s products meet all recognized quality standards and are exported to a range of countries throughout the world, including the USA and Western Europe.

Main products: antiasthmatics, cytostatics, immunosuppresives, hypolipidemics, antihypertensives, over-the-counter medicines, etc.



Vivesa holding s.r.o.

IMCoPharma is a Czech company specializing in the transfer of pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients from the EU to all CIS states and Ukraine. The company’s portfolio covers a wide range of products and services, including contracted production, licensing and pharmaceutical technology transfer. It also provides research & development support and assistance with registration and regulatory issues in the CIS and Ukraine.

Main products: nutritional supplements, veterinary food supplements for small animals, cosmetics, distribution of pharmaceuticals



Třinec-based WALMARK is a leading producer of pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements that has been operating in the Moravian-Silesian Region for 25 years. It sells over 1 500 WALMARK-branded products in 44 countries throughout the world, and it is the fastest-growing health care company in Central Europe. Thanks to its strong focus on innovation, the company is able to empower its customers to take the best decisions regarding their own health.

Main products: nutritional supplements, vitamins, probiotics, herbal extracts, etc.