The Moravian-Silesian Region has a large number of locations that are ideal for your investments. They are challenges just waiting for you to accept them. Below you can browse our LOCATION DATABASE, which includes brownfields, prepared sites at industrial zones, and office premises meeting the highest standards. Perhaps you’ll find a challenge you’d like to accept. Choose the most suitable location for your investment, contact us, and we’ll help you handle the initial stages of implementing your new business plans here.

Each location includes a location card (pdf) that you can download. The cards contain basic information on the location plus a brief description. There are also photographs of the sites.

Location name City Area available Type of property Download
Pivovar a bramborárna
A former boiler hall complex divided into two parts. The first part has 2 floors and was used to store fuel. The second part (with a chimney) has 3 floors. Potato store – a quarter of the building is used as an office building (3 floors). The remaining part of the building (2 floors) was used to store beer and later potatoes. The upper level was used as a granary. Most of the building has been damaged by damp. The buildings are located at a former brewery complex. Potential uses: in view of the flexible nature of the buildings, potential uses are almost unrestricted. Either it could be restored to its original function, or it could be used for a residential development or for civic amenities – e.g. cultural or sporting facilities – or as offices.
Město Albrechtice 2 500 m2 Brownfields
Plicní sanatorium
A former spa complex that treated respiratory illnesses plus a house. A 4-floor brick building (no. 1) with a cellar has a gable roof and is fully connected to technical infrastructure. A 4-floor brick building (no. 2) also has a cellar and a gable roof; this building was used as a sanatorium (including a kitchen). The house (no. 5) has 2 floors and a gable roof, with cellar space under part of the ground plan; it is also fully connected to technical infrastructure. The complex is in reasonable condition; the roofs, roof structures and walls are sound. Some windows are broken/missing, and the plaster is flaking off in some places. The site is suitable for use as a health care or recreational facility.
Město Albrechtice 21 100 m2 Brownfields
Plocha Dědina

Plocha určená pro bytovou výstavbu, vlastník - obec, má zpracovaný projekt na bytovou výstavbu. Částečně připravená plocha, rozdělená do etap. První etapa již zasíťována.

Doubrava 14 000 m2 Available sites
Plocha Heřmanice

Volná, plně zasíťovaná plocha, určená pro lehký průmysl. Dopravně dostupná, napojení na autobusovou dopravu. Blízkost centra města. Na ploše je možno vystavět halu o velikosti 1ha plus manipulační plochy.   

Ostrava 30 000 m2 Available sites
Plocha nad kotelnou
 A site within the town of Rýmařov zoned for small-scale production and production services. The site consists of one parcel (no. 2787/1, cadastral area Rýmařov, subdivision Rýmařov, municipality Rýmařov) on the edge of the town, adjacent to another industrial site (small-scale manufacturing). It is located 100 m from road no. II/370, close to the Teplo Rýmařov, s.r.o. heating plant.
Rýmařov 4 400 m2 Available sites
Plocha nad průmyslovou zónou
 A site within the town of Rýmařov (the Janovice area of the town) zoned for industrial production. The site consists of one parcel (no. 3438/1, cadastral area Rýmařov, subdivision Rýmařov, municipality Rýmařov) on the edge of the town, in a strategic location next to road no. II/445 (the main road from Rýmařov to Šternberk and onward to Olomouc and Brno).
Rýmařov 11 800 m2 Available sites
Plocha po kině

Plocha se nachází v centru města. Plně zasíťováno. Vhodné pro bytovou výstavbu.

Odry 2 200 m2 Available sites
Plocha pro bydlení

Plocha je určená pro výstavbu smíšenou obytnou, vesnickéhu typu. Na plochu je zpracována územní studie. V současnosti probíhá zasíťování lokality. 

Jablunkov 32 000 m2 Available sites
Plocha pro podnikání Macco
 Macco Organiques, s.r.o. is offering land to rent directly adjacent to a functioning railway siding. Separate access for motor vehicles. Possible option to rent only part of the complex. The complex is enclosed by a fence and is vacant, with surfaced areas.
Bruntál 10 900 m2 Brownfields
Plocha pro PZ

Jedná se o 3 oddělené lokality (4,4 ha, 1,4 ha a 1,3 ha). Dobrá dopravní dostupnost.

Jablunkov 70 000 m2 Available sites

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