The Moravian-Silesian Region has a large number of locations that are ideal for your investments. They are challenges just waiting for you to accept them. Below you can browse our LOCATION DATABASE, which includes brownfields, prepared sites at industrial zones, and office premises meeting the highest standards. Perhaps you’ll find a challenge you’d like to accept. Choose the most suitable location for your investment, contact us, and we’ll help you handle the initial stages of implementing your new business plans here.

Each location includes a location card (pdf) that you can download. The cards contain basic information on the location plus a brief description. There are also photographs of the sites.

Location name City Area available Type of property Download
Plocha u Cihelny

Plocha určená pro bytovou výstavbu, vlastník - obec, má zpracovaný projekt na bytovou výstavbu. 

Doubrava 19 000 m2 Available sites
Plocha ul. Mostárenská
 The site is temporarily used for storage and as a parking area. It is triangular in shape, bounded by the railway line and a fence. Adjacent to the site are buildings of the Stamont company.
Ostrava 3 600 m2 Brownfields
Plocha v centru

Plocha se nachází v centru města. Sítě jsou dostupné. Vhodné pro bytovou výstavbu v kombinaci s občanskou vybaveností.

Odry 100 m2 Available sites
Plocha vedle Kauflandu

Plocha se nachází v blízkosti centra města, s výbornou dopravní dostupností. Na sousedních parcelách se nachází obchodní středisko, domov pro seniory a nedaleká průmyslová zóna. 

Český Těšín 13 000 m2 Available sites
Plocha Z11

Rozvojová plocha v majetku města, v územním plánu připravena pro lehký průmysl.

Studénka 13 000 m2 Available sites
Offices on levels 2, 3, and 4 of a newly reconstructed building. The building has an elevator, parking, and a security guard service. Spaces available to rent: level 2 – 117.8 and 32.3 m2, level 3 – 90.5 and 24.2 m2, level 4 – 30.4 m2, 53.7 m2, 86.8 m2, 75.8 m2.
Ostrava 512 m2 Offices
Pozemek parc. č.115_1
 A site close to the central part of the town, zoned for an expansion of civic amenities. The location comprises parcel nos. 115/1, 115/7 and 115/3 (cadastral area Rýmařov, municipality Rýmařov) and three rows of garages which would be demolished in the case of investors’ interest. The location is close to a health centre with offices of general practitioners, specialist doctors and cosmetic services. On the other side of the location is the Lidl supermarket. The site is directly adjacent to road no. II/370.
Rýmařov 3 300 m2 Available sites
Pozemek Staříč

Pozemek se nachází u dálnice D56 na spojnici mezi Ostravou a Frýdkem-Místkem. Dle ÚP je plocha určena pro výrobu a skladování. Vydáno závazné stanovisko EIA pro skladové haly 40 070 m2 plochy.

Pro tuto plochu je zpracována zastavovací studie s vizualizacemi na možné využití tohoto území a propagační video. 

Studie - 

Video - 

Staříč 78 000 m2 Available sites
 A small former shop in the village centre. The building belongs to the municipality. Investments necessary: thermal insulation, new roof, damp-proofing. Possible use: small shop (e.g. bakery) and an apartment on the upper level. The municipality is considering possible sale if a serious buyer shows interest and is willing to open a shop.
Velké Hoštice 200 m2 Brownfields
Průmyslová zóna František
 In 2005-2011 complete infrastructure (technical, utilities networks) were built at the zone according to the original plans for the regeneration of this industrial brownfield. Some existing buildings were reconstructed – particularly the office building, which was converted into a business incubator. A new light industrial factory hall was also built. The central heat distribution pipeline was expanded; this pipeline supplies heat from co-generation units producing electricity by burning mine gases (methane), a process in which heat is produced as a by-product. This waste heat is used to heat seven buildings, and more buildings will be connected to the system. This form of heating is 40% cheaper than heating systems based on burning natural gas. The advantages of the zone include excellent transport access, the option to connect to main technical/utilities infrastructure networks, and a functioning railway siding connected to the Czech Railways network.
Horní Suchá 9 500 m2 Available sites

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