The Moravian-Silesian Region has a large number of locations that are ideal for your investments. They are challenges just waiting for you to accept them. Below you can browse our LOCATION DATABASE, which includes brownfields, prepared sites at industrial zones, and office premises meeting the highest standards. Perhaps you’ll find a challenge you’d like to accept. Choose the most suitable location for your investment, contact us, and we’ll help you handle the initial stages of implementing your new business plans here.

Each location includes a location card (pdf) that you can download. The cards contain basic information on the location plus a brief description. There are also photographs of the sites.

Location name City Area available Type of property Download
Rekultivovaná plocha po demolici obecního domu
 This site became vacant when a community centre was demolished in 2013. The use of the site is limited by the terms and conditions of the subsidy programme and the sustainability period: 5 years from its completion (2014).
Studénka 2 500 m2 Available sites
Riegrova vila
 A cultural monument dating from 1820, formerly used as a residence by the factory-owner Riegr. It was then used as an agricultural storage building and a shop. Currently it is unused and is becoming derelict. The municipality would prefer demolition; the space is too small to be used, and renovation would be prohibitively costly, but the heritage management authorities have blocked demolition. Collapsed roofs; no access to the interiors. The surrounding land is in state ownership.
Horní Benešov 400 m2 Brownfields
Rozestavěný hotel
 A 4-floor mountain hotel that was not completed. The structure is currently a skeleton, without interior fittings/equipment. It has never been used.
Komorní Lhotka 5 200 m2 Brownfields
Rozšíření PZ Odry
A new industrial zone is planned for parcel no. 1520/56 (cadastral area Odry) in the vicinity of an existing industrial zone. The land currently lacks technical/utilities infrastructure, and no planning documentation for this infrastructure yet exists. In the case of interest from investors, infrastructure planning documentation will be drawn up. The location is uncontaminated. An access road runs to the site boundary, but the access route in the proposed land use plan crosses land owned by a different owner. A water main supplying the community of Pohoř runs across the site. Transport access: - railway: Suchdol nad Odrou – Budišov nad Budišovkou line within 1 km - class I road I/47: within 1 km, class 2 road II/441: within 1 km, class II road II/442: within 5 km - airport: within 30 km - D1 motorway, exit 321: within 10 km - approx. distance to cities: Ostrava 45 km, Opava 40 km, Olomouc 60 km
Odry 20 000 m2 Available sites
Rozvojová plocha Bílovec
 The site is located on Ostravská St. near a cemetery and a football pitch. It is suitable for building new business/industrial premises on a greenfield site. The site is zoned for manufacturing (assembly), warehousing, services or complexes of services with car parking etc. which will generate new jobs.
Bílovec 48 000 m2 Available sites
Rozvojová plocha obce Oldřišov

Rozvojová plocha určená pro podnikání nerušivého charakteru. Nachází se na okraji obce u příjezdové komunikace do obce ze směru od Opavy. Dobrá dopravní dostupnost plochy. Lokalitu je nutné zasíťovat.  

Oldřišov 10 000 m2 Available sites
Rozvojová plocha obce Pustá Polom
 The site is currently used as arable land. It is located on the north-east edge of the village. The zoning plan subdivides the site into a part zoned for production and warehouses (approx. 3 ha) and a part zoned for mixed-use residential development (3.5 ha). Development in the latter part is restricted because access to the technical infrastructure corridor must be maintained.
Pustá Polom 65 000 m2 Available sites
Rozvojová plocha Vítkov
 The site is municipally owned (town of Vítkov). It is located next to an existing industrial zone. It will be necessary to build essential technical/utilities infrastructure and access roads. The site is zoned for production and warehouses (light industry).
Vítkov 30 000 m2 Available sites
 Formerly used as a canteen, kitchen and accommodation facilities for the Bruntál agricultural college. A 3-floor building in relatively good condition, and in a very attractive location. Currently unused, boarded up, becoming derelict.
Valšov 400 m2 Brownfields
Skipová věž František
 The F4 skip tower building is located at the former František coal mine complex. The municipality has regenerated this complex to create a modern industrial zone. The skip tower is one of the original structures at the site, and it cannot be demolished due to the adjacent buildings. For this reason a new use needs to be found for it (warehousing, offices, etc.).
Horní Suchá 500 m2 Brownfields

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