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Each location includes a location card (pdf) that you can download. The cards contain basic information on the location plus a brief description. There are also photographs of the sites.

Location name City Area available Type of property Download
Areál Bezručova
 Former Tonak hat factory. The original building has been demolished, and the site has been identified as a key location for the town’s future development. Currently used as an unofficial car parking area. This attractive location is in the town centre; all civic amenities are within easy reach. Connection to technical/utilities networks can be arranged.
Nový Jičín 11 300 m2 Available sites
Areál bývalého dětského tábora
 Former children’s camp next to the Olše River. The complex includes 3 large buildings which are derelict; no windows or doors, roofs collapsed. Ideally the entire complex should be demolished; it has been lying derelict for at least 20 years.
Bystřice 12 300 m2 Brownfields
Areál Dřevoplast
 A complex with a full range of buildings suitable for light industry – production, assembly, warehouses, office building, paths/roadways, green areas. The warehouse facilities have been partially reconstructed and are temporarily rented out.
Šenov u Nového Jičína 16 200 m2 Brownfields
Areál Dukelských kasáren
 The former Dukla barracks complex was used by the Czech army until 2005. It was then transferred to the ownership of the City of Opava; part of the complex was sold off, and the rest of it is derelict. The complex is divided into 5 parts. Zone A is to become a residential site; the City is keen to cooperate with a developer. Zones B and C will be sold off. Zones D and E are used by private companies.
Opava 118 000 m2 Brownfields
Areál JUTA
The complex was formerly used by the JUTA company. It is located in Kunov (part of the town of Bruntál) but forms part of the Nové Heřminovy cadastral area; this is an administrative anomaly. The complex formerly produced yarn, textile fabrics, bags and ropes made from natural materials, mainly jute and flax. After the closure of the Kunov factory, the complex was abandoned and remained unused. The complex includes a mill-stream and land with residential buildings (formerly used by the factory workers). A bus stop and train halt are immediately adjacent to the complex.
Nové Heřminovy 50 000 m2 Brownfields
Areál Lahos
 The complex was formerly occupied by the DEZA chemical company (tar processing); most of the buildings and equipment have been removed, and the complex has been cleaned up. The remaining buildings are fully occupied by companies renting the premises (small-scale businesses – logistics, storage, small-scale manufacturing), which employ 250 people. The complex has been confirmed as contaminated; groundwater is regularly monitored (paid for by the operator of the Nová Ves water source – the Ostrava municipal water management and supply company).
Ostrava 217 900 m2 Brownfields
Areál Marburg
 The complex used to be used as a warehouse for aviation components. It is located on the south-eastern edge of the town of Bruntál, near the main road to Olomouc. The main buildings are connected to technical/utilities networks. The complex consists of brick buildings and unbuilt areas. The Marburg complex offers 4 ha of land and 1.1 ha of production/office facilities for a broad range of uses: • as a complete commercial complex including facilities for commerce (shopping), offices and sports/recreation, • as a production/warehouse complex (light industrial production), • as a logistics centre for warehousing and distribution of goods/materials.
Bruntál 51 400 m2 Brownfields
Areál zámku Doubrava
A Baroque-era manor house (chateau) dating from the second half of the 18th century. Close to the square. The manor house has 2 floors; it is a brick structure with exterior plasterwork on a rectangular ground plan with a hip roof (sheet metal). The main façade and garden-facing façade have 7 window axes with rectangular windows. A quarter of the floor area has cellars under it. On the ground floor the entrance hall and corridor have Prussian vaulted ceilings, with a wooden staircase leading from the corridor to the upper floor. The staircase area has segmented vaulting. At the west of the manor house, connected by a covered corridor, is a low brick building. Above the connecting corridor (which includes WC facilities) are the remnants of a supporting pillar. The large grounds include a small farm complex with several interesting buildings dating from the same period as the manor house: e.g. a granary with the original wooden interior cladding, suitable for conversion to a restaurant/bar. Transferred from the OKD mining corporation to municipal ownership in 2015-2016. In good technical condition. The municipality is offering the complex for sale/rent. Ideal premises for offices/business use.
Doubrava 33 200 m2 Brownfields
Areál zámku Chotěbuz
 A former manor house (chateau) that was used as a machinery workshop for an agricultural college from 1960-2000. Around the chateau there are the remains of industrial halls, workshops, garages and a cowshed; all in derelict condition. 3 of the original 8 buildings have already been demolished. Only the chateau bell-tower and the historic gateway have been reconstructed.
Chotěbuz 20 200 m2 Brownfields
 Unused site, partly grassy areas, half of the site is wooded. Zoned for: civic amenities – commercial facilities, commercial facilities, small-scale retail premises (including specialist shops), other shops with residences for owners, catering and accommodation services, non-manufacturing services, administration, public amenities (health care facilities, public administration, social services, educational facilities), physical education and sport, culture and religious use, residential use.
Bohumín 2 400 m2 Available sites

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