The Moravian-Silesian Region has a large number of locations that are ideal for your investments. They are challenges just waiting for you to accept them. Below you can browse our LOCATION DATABASE, which includes brownfields, prepared sites at industrial zones, and office premises meeting the highest standards. Perhaps you’ll find a challenge you’d like to accept. Choose the most suitable location for your investment, contact us, and we’ll help you handle the initial stages of implementing your new business plans here.

Each location includes a location card (pdf) that you can download. The cards contain basic information on the location plus a brief description. There are also photographs of the sites.

Location name City Area available Type of property Download
Lokalita Bocheta
 The Bocheta site is 100% owned by the town of Nový Jičín. The area available to investors is approx. 0.65 ha; it is zoned for production buildings and facilities whose activities will not negatively impact on areas outside the site, small-scale production or large shops. A quiet and attractive location near the town centre, all civic amenities within easy reach.
Nový Jičín 6 500 m2 Available sites
Lokalita RD Na Stráni

Lokalita se nachází na jihovýchodním okraji města, podél silnice II/ 445 směrem od Olomouce. Vlastníkem je město Rýmařov, které má na tento pozemek zpracovanou územní studii.

Rýmařov 45 000 m2 Available sites
Lokalita Sušánka
 The site is zoned for production and storage (warehousing) for light industry. It is located close to Havířov city centre and the Dukla Industrial Park, next to the main road connecting Ostrava with Český Těšín.
Havířov 40 000 m2 Available sites
Lučina Havířov
 The office spaces are situated on levels 1 and 2 of the historic “Lučina” apartment building in a busy residential and commercial part of the city centre. Entry to the building is from the main avenue (Hlavní třída). Level 1 contains an entrance hall (with reception) and staircase. Level 2 contains open space offices with WC facilities (total 689 m2). The premises have recently undergone a complete reconstruction. Excellent transport access; parking available in the courtyard area. The interior spaces can be partitioned as necessary depending on clients’ requirements.
Havířov 689 m2 Offices
Malá rozvojová zóna Mošnov
 The zone is adjacent to the Mošnov industrial zone. It offers excellent connections to technical/utilities and transport infrastructure.
Mošnov 320 000 m2 Available sites
Martinov - Administrativní budova A
 6-floor building “A” situated at the entrance to the site. The building is equipped with elevators and WC facilities. The individual office cubicles measure approx. 16 m?, 24 m? and 36 m? and can be connected depending on requirements. The building houses a branch of the post office. Restaurants nearby.
Ostrava 860 m2 Offices
 3 buildings at a former accommodation facility, abandoned since 2015; windows missing, offices. The “Merkur” complex also includes 2 single-floor buildings that are suitable for use as small-scale industrial facilities, services, shops (formerly a printing shop); currently partially rented out. The entire complex requires reconstruction. Several parking areas.
Havířov 36 700 m2 Brownfields
 Office space located close to the city centre. The building has an elevator, air conditioning, opening windows and a CCTV system.
Ostrava 966 m2 Offices
Mošnov Vector Park
 The park offers over 20 000 m? of state-of-the-art industrial premises, with production halls, distribution premises and offices enabling tenants to carry out all activities “under one roof”. The park offers two modern industrial halls; one is class A, the other is under construction.
Mošnov 22 000 m2 Available sites
MŠ Leskovec
 Large building – former preschool (with garden) closed due to insufficient demand; now no longer used. The roof is in poor condition. Owned by the municipality.
Březová 1 800 m2 Brownfields

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