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The Moravian-Silesian Region has excellent infrastructure for education, transport and health care, making it an ideal location for investment and business development. All you need to do is seize the opportunity.

The Region has 5 universities, 139 secondary schools, 440 primary schools and 463 preschools. Its schools cover a wide variety of specialist fields, with a particular emphasis on technical studies, and the teaching is constantly updated to reflect the latest developments and meet changing job market requirements. There are also schools offering alternative teaching methods and teaching in foreign languages (Montessori, ScioŠkola, PORG, Prigo, 1st International School of Ostrava and more).

The Region has a dense network of motorways and main roads; the D1 motorway forms part of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) and links up with the A1 motorway in Poland, giving access to Katowice, Gdańsk and onwards as far as Helsinki. There is also direct motorway access from the Czech-Polish border southwards to Brno.

The excellent railway network is widely used by passengers and also for freight transport. The Moravian-Silesian Region is a major European rail hub, giving direct access northwards to Katowice, Warsaw and Helsinki and southwards to Brno, Vienna and Southern Europe.

The Region’s dense public transport infrastructure is of excellent quality, including some of the most modern public transport vehicles in the Czech Republic. In 2020 the Moravian-Silesian Region will be the first Czech region to adopt a completely electronic passenger payment system, phasing out paper tickets entirely. Large towns and cities in the Region run bikesharing schemes as an eco-friendly alternative to public transport.

Leoš Janáček International Airport near Ostrava has regular services to London, and within a radius of 300 km there are international airports in Prague, Vienna, Katowice, Kraków, Wrocław and Bratislava.





3 rd

largest international airport in the Czech Republic

8 countries

reachable within 24 hours for logistics providers

The Region offers a wide range of investment opportunities (location database). The largest industrial zone in Ostrava is CTPark Ostrava Hrabová, covering over 100 hectares and with 10 000 employees. Another important zone is the Ostrava Airport Multimodal Park in Mošnov, where 240 000 mof warehousing and production facilities will be created by 2023 ona  52-hectare site including a railway siding with direct access to the factory halls and a multimodal container terminal with a direct link to the international airport.


3 hours by train to Prague

3 hours by train to Prague

2.5 hours by air to London

2.5 hours by air to London

1.5 hours by train to Brno

1.5 hours by train to Brno


Total area (m2) 3 199 223
Vacancy rate (%) 2,3
Rent (EUR/m2/month) 4,5 - 4,9
South Moravian Region
Total area (m2) 1 121 478
Vacancy rate (%) 6,36
Rent (EUR/m2/month) 4,5 - 4,9
Moravian-Silesian Region
Total area (m2) 713 369
Vacancy rate (%) 10,29
Rent (EUR/m2/month) 4,4 - 4,8
Pilsen Region
Total area (m2) 1 262 935
Vacancy rate (%) 7,25
Rent (EUR/m2/month) 4,4 – 4,8
Ústecký Region
Total area (m2) 561 254
Vacancy rate (%) 11,57
Rent (EUR/m2/month) 4,3 – 4,7
Central Bohemian Region
Total area (m2) 626 027
Vacancy rate (%) 1,83
Rent (EUR/m2/month) 4,5 – 4,9

Comparison of offices in the biggest Czech cities

Comparison of offices in the biggest Czech cities
Total area (m2) 213 400
In construction (m2) 5 500
Vacancy rate (%) 11,7
Enquiry (m2) 15,000
The highest rent (EUR/m2/month) 10,5-11,5>
Rent (EUR/m2/month) 7–9
Total area (m2) 570 300
In construction (m2) 63 500
Vacancy rate (%) 8,8
Enquiry (m2) 45 600
The highest rent (EUR/m2/month) 13,5–14>
Rent (EUR/m2/month) 10–12,5
Total area (m2) 3 447 200
In construction (m2) 352 600
Vacancy rate (%) 6,1
Enquiry (m2) 356,900
The highest rent (EUR/m2/month) 20–21>
Rent (EUR/m2/month) 14–16

The Moravian-Silesian Region

The Moravian-Silesian Region is an ideal place for your investment, as well as being a great place to live.


Automotive, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Metallurgy, Chemicals, ICT, Logistics, Mechanical engineering 

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200+ available offices, brownfields, industrial zones and development areas

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