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Silesian University will offer a unique educational programme for future entrepreneurs

19. 1. 2022

The Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship of the Silesian University in Karviná can claim another significant success on its way to the vision of a professional faculty with specific and interesting study programmes. It has received a five-year accreditation for the study programme Innovative Entrepreneurship, which brings the originally Finnish educational concept Team Academy® to the University of Silesia.

This is a study programme that completely breaks away from the established standards. Students learn in teams in which they start a real company and start a business as early as in the first year. Thus, the teaching does not take place in traditional classrooms, but students are left with a great deal of freedom to create and develop according to their own needs. The programme does not feature traditional teachers, but team coaches who have undergone a year of international training to gain the necessary competences to lead teams and individuals.

Innovative Entrepreneurship brings the world of business and education together in a unique way. The concept has been developed and operating in the world for over 20 years, so it is not a modern, trendy fad, but a sophisticated educational approach.

The proof is in the thousands of graduates from Team Academy® branches around the world and their fascinating results. Up to 47% of graduates go on to become entrepreneurs after their studies, while the rest become successful leaders in various organizations.

There is a separate website for the study programme, inovnipodnikani.cz, where those interested in this type of study, as well as the public, can find out more details.