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The realization of custom-made studies on built-up areas

26. 6. 2020

For the third time in a row, the Investment Team of MSID realized a study on built-up areas in the region. Carried out by the team of MSID, the study is a part of the new services whose purpose is to support the development of not only municipalities and cities, but also of private entities. 

In this case, the study revolves around an area in Horní Benešov, a city located less than 30 kilometres from Opava. The built-up area is situated in close proximity to an already working business area; therefore, the goal of this study is to further extend it. In collaboration with the mayor of Horní Benešov, Pavel König, it was agreed that this area would be best suitable for business in light industry. Such defined purpose of use is, of course, in accordance with the zoning plan. Moreover, the attractiveness of this built-up area is also increased by the fact that in the horizon of 1-2 years a city bypass will be built near the site, which will improve the transport connection to this area.