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Varroc Lighting Systems expands its research capabilities in the region

9. 9. 2021

Varroc in Nový Jičín ranks among the largest employers in the field of corporate research in the region. This role will be further strengthened by the creation of a new research laboratory at its plant in Nový Jičín. The company expects a higher level of flexibility in the rapidly developing field of automotive lighting. Patriot Magazine reports.

Varroc has development and testing centres in several locations around the world, the one in Nový Jičín being the largest. In addition, with this investment, it becomes one of the most important and most important sites ever in terms of the scope of testing with a global overlap. Varroc will now have all disciplines from project management, hardware design, software and testing under one roof. The result is a time-saving development and ramp-up of the project to volume production. In addition, there will also be a significant reduction in the cost of testing, which was previously carried out in external test facilities.

"Investments are the driving force behind the further economic development of our company. Despite the challenges of the covid era, we have managed to build one of the most modern such specialised facilities within Varroc. The latest technology will enable us to respond flexibly to the demanding customer requirements for testing our products," says Petr Plesek, Global Laboratory Manager at Varroc Lighting Systems, adding: "The new EMC test facility significantly increases our in-house testing capabilities and expands the range of lighting tests we can perform. ISO 17025 accreditation means independent laboratory status. This is another significant recognition of our level of expertise."

"The EMC laboratory in Nový Jičín is also an important quality milestone for us as a global supplier in the field of lighting technology for the automotive industry. It enables us to develop more sophisticated electronic products and to comprehensively test the electromagnetic compatibility required by increasingly stringent legal regulations. It is important to remember that any electronic device installed in a vehicle must not interfere with other electronic devices. Even the most demanding customers can rely on our lights," adds Luc Brisson, Senior Vice President of Global Product Development at Varroc Lighting Systems.