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A new plant producing aluminium bars opens in Bruntál

7. 10. 2020

The company Strojmetal Aluminium Forging (SAF) has opened a new plant for the production of aluminium bars in Bruntál, located only 40 kilometres from Opava. The total investment has climbed up to almost one billion crowns and the company plans to create up to 350 new job positions.

Using the most modern of technologies, rods intended for the production of so-called forgings are cast from aluminium alloys in the plant. The chassis parts of passenger cars and other vehicles are then forged from these semi-finished products. In the future, the plant's annual production volume should reach 30,000 tons of material per more than ten million chassis parts. In the final pat of this process, the company ships the produced bars to its plant in Kamenice, near Prague, where forgings are produced. However, the company plans to build follow-up production plants in Bruntál as well.

"We have bought about 220,000 square meters here. On this vacant lot, following the aluminium rod production plant, a new forge and another production hall, a machining shop, should be built. Therefore, the production process will be complete, similar as with our plant in the Central Bohemian Region," said Petr Otava, the owner of MTX Group.

Further investments should follow. The holding MTX Group, to which Strojmetal Aluminium Forging belongs, announced last year that it will have invested more than four billion crowns in the Bruntál region by 2025. The investments involve not only SAF, but also other companies from the group of the company Al Invest Břidličná that produces aluminium sheets, foils as well as packaging materials. Recently, this is the second significant investment in the Moravian-Silesian Region. In mid-September 2020, HE3DA, which focuses on battery production, also opened its plant in Horní Suchá, located in the Karviná District.