Grant Seminar for Entrepreneurs

29. 10. 2020

Have measures related to COVID-19 disease limited the running of your company? Do you plan to introduce digitization in your company or support research and development? Do you plan to renovate your company, or do you just want to find out what forms of cost savings are possible for your company? Then this seminar is exactly for you! The current grant opportunities for companies will be presented by representatives of enovation s.r.o. The seminar will also include practical examples and presentations of regional programs to support innovation. During the meeting, you will have the opportunity to discuss any questions and find out which grant will take your business one step further.

Program of the seminar:

• Support for corporate development research - wages of employees working in research, development and information technology, purchase of machines and software to start the production of innovative products, construction of development centres or testing rooms for corporate research and development.

• Support for energy saving measures - subsidies for the reconstruction of buildings or for the exchange of technologies leading to energy savings.

• Support the fight against the consequences of regulations related to COVID-19

• Support for digitization and robotization of companies - purchase of software, equipment, etc.

• Examples from practice and an overview of regional programs to support innovation in companies.

If you are interested, please confirm your participation by email at

Due to the mandatory measures related to COVID-19 disease, the capacity of this seminar is limited. All the mandatory measures will be followed through during the event.