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New flight connection from Mošnov Airport

25. 11. 2019

Polish Airlines LOT will start with new air connection from  Leoš Janáček Airport in Ostrava to Warsaw. Since March 2020 LOT will offer 5 flights per week at times, which enables an easy transfer to other flight connections within Europe, to Asia and to North America. Thanks to the connection with the Warsaw hub, passengers from Ostrava, whether tourists or business travelers, will have access to more than 111 destinations.

„From March 2020, the inhabitants of the Moravian-Silesian Region will get a new connection, thanks to which passengers from and to Ostrava will be able to fly to more than 111 interesting destinations. The flight schedule is designed to allow passengers from Poland and numerous airports in the region to quickly and conveniently transfer from Warsaw to flights to Ostrava. In the other direction, on the way from Ostrava, LOT provides to its passengers fast transfers at Chopin Airport to European lines, among others to Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam and Düsseldorf. Passengers will also be able to use long-haul flights to, for example, the USA, Canada and Asia - Singapore and Seoul,“ said board member of LOT Polish Airlines, Stefan Malczewski, adding that from September it is expected to increase rotations to twice a day.

“For managers, businessmen, athletes, scientists, athletes and tourists, we need a regular flight connection to a destination from which you can get around the world. Warsaw is undoubtedly such a place and with the planned development of the new airport its importance will grow. And LOT, which is a member of the Star Alliance, will also offer a simple and guaranteed transfer to one ticket, which will certainly be appreciated by all passengers, ”added Deputy Governor Jakub Unucka.

Mošnov Airport also counts on the development of charter flights (last year it handled a record number of passengers - 377 936 to 23 destinations), an important chapter is the development of air cargo transportation. „The main task for airport management is charter flights and air cargo transportation. Therefore, the funds originally planned for the support of flights to Vienna and Munich will be invested in the development of the airport infrastructure, ”said Deputy Governor Jakub Unucka.